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Camp Kiwanis

Thank you for choosing Camp Kiwanis. Below is the contact information for the camp.

  • Camp Phone Number: (541) 558-3963
  • Reservation Phone Number: (509) 301-1900
  • Reservation can be requested via email at:
  • For Current Calendar please click link below.

Through the efforts of many volunteers, we have been able to add some parking in the back of the cabins 3 and 4 this year.  We will continue to expand that parking area.  We are also working on expanding the street side parking lot although we still do not have a footbridge.  On the camp side of the car bridge, we raised the egress up so there would be a more gradual decent off the bridge.  We will be adding a cap to that road once the rock has settled.  

We are working on a steel span design with the suspension cables used to support the span.  With the County and Fish and Wildlife permits, we anticipate this process to take some time and considerable expense.  Your help in securing grants and donations will be appreciated.

2021 Camp Calendar (as of 07/16/2021)

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